2011-08-18 15:14:40

You may ask: "What is it?", "Where did it come from?", but nothing can express the real experience of playing it! What am I talking about?

My good friend, Rocher 5k, has invented his own variation of go that asks for a whole different kind of thinking. It involves a bit of luck and teaches you how to evaluate the individual moves. Also, it teaches you to find such moves.

F-Go is a derivative of Friendly Go, which comes from the conclusion that the players should be friends to be able to play, since the magic of the matter lies in balancing komi by playing two moves together! Yes - the White and the Black stone clack together after the dealed time (10 seconds for example). To prevent a fight, if both players want to play at the same intersection, they have to choose a different point, hence if there are more than one points of interest, it is worth counting well!

I would suggest playing with a refferee to whom the moves are told, though. That would prevent "I said the move earlier!" situation.

To know more, please see the rules or join F-Go room on KGS under Social.

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